Irony of the Misread Quote

Strolling by my colleague’s office door, I spotted her weekly quote: “A good marriage is the union of two ‘forgivers'”, which I misread as “foreigners.”  I chuckled to myself, thinking, “What an odd quote!” Working as a clinical social worker at the VA Clinic,  I have encountered some  unusual situations.  One particularly amusing encounter I had was with Jim,  a  defeated veteran, who struggled for two years to get his wife back, after she was deported to Mexico.  I remembered listening to Jim rave about his Mexican wife, who spoke no English.  He spoke no Spanish.   After working through  the  legal department to return his wife to USA,  he gleefully phoned one day, to tell me he had succeeded. Unexpectedly, one day, he brought her into my office to meet me.  Beaming up at her husky, balding husband, she silently held his hand. Neither spoke.  I was stunned, but pleased to see their nonverbal communication. So,  my misread quote is true:  ” A good marriage is the union of two foreigners.”

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One Response to Irony of the Misread Quote

  1. Mike Surratt says:

    Interesting misread of a quote.