War and Peace


War and Peace


Entering therapy at the VA Clinic for depression, Tom gets in touch with his anger toward his wife. He recalls her taunting him and calling the police, reporting he was beating her. Refusing to come in for therapy with him, Tom faces his conflicting emotions alone. He tries to sort out what went wrong in his loveless marriage. Tom leaves the session with a heavy heart.

Tom has moved from the battlefield of Vietnam to the battlefield of marriage. His mind is still reeling from his wife’s recent rage, and violence. Tom had a sense of dread as he pulls his truck into the driveway, and notices her car is not there. He strolls warily up to the front door. The house is eerily quiet. He goes to their bedroom. He looks in the closet. Her clothes are not there. He goes to the kitchen, and looks on the table, where he sees a note, saying she has gone to live with her son.

With a whirlwind of emotions ranging from anger to fear to relief, Tom works through his feelings in therapy, until he is able to say, “ I’m at peace.”

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