From Fear to Faith


  In today’s world,   anxiety increases with instant media, and personal anonymity. People text, twitter, and phone, but do not see each other face-to face.  Trust in one another breaks down, with news headlines of bombings, mass shootings, and threats of war.  How can you find God in such a media-savvy culture?

Today’s news headline reads, “The World is on New Year’s Eve Alert.”  Those headlines penetrate my mind. Fear and anxiety steal my peace.  I tell myself I won’t allow my mood to be deflated by the headlines.  From a music stand beside my treadmill, I read Scripture, as I walk at a steady pace.  As my tension eases in the drone of the treadmill, I find peace reading the Word of God.  Meditating on Scripture, I stand in one place, but my spirit moves forward.  My fear in reading the headlines changes to relief, as I focus on faith.   

Previously, the major mental health problem in America was depression. Today, it is anxiety.  Looking for personal peace is a matter of faith. Scripture says, “Be anxious about nothing.”  Receiving and believing that command requires a shift in personal priorities. I find the search for peace through the Word is well worth the daily effort.



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