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Combat Soldier Coming Home

He comes in, still feeling the mental wounds of combat. Referred by his Primary doctor at the VA clinic, for a positive PTSD screen, he scans the room, and then sits with his eyes on the door. Reluctantly, he has … Continue reading

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Dejected to Connected

“I’m here because my wife sent me. She says I’m irritable.” Slumped in his chair, and dejected, Bill admits, “She’s sick, and demanding. I’m exhausted.” Recounting details of his wife going to the hospital with heart problems, and his picking … Continue reading

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Therapy Thoughts

Is God Punishing Me? “What’s on your mind today, Jack?” I say, as the therapy session begins. His sullen, weather-worn face frowns beneath his Vietnam cap.. Having limped down the hall, cane in hand, Jack slumps in his chair.. “I’m … Continue reading

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Irony of the Misread Quote

Strolling by my colleague’s office door, I spotted her weekly quote: “A good marriage is the union of two ‘forgivers’”, which I misread as “foreigners.”  I chuckled to myself, thinking, “What an odd quote!” Working as a clinical social worker at the … Continue reading

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